My Name Is Might Have Been
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Welcome Home, Part 1
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Catherynne Valente

Bet You Thought It Would Be A Fairy Tale Strip, Didn't You?

The day has arrived.

This is what happens when writers live in Schrodinger's House, and both take themselves way too seriously, and laugh at their every idea until Turkey-Flavored Soda shoots out of their noses. It's also what happens when they just run with something, and run, and run. I hope you'll run with us, and gasp and wheeze and make silly noises and have a hell of a time with this utterly ridiculous story. And it is utterly ridiculous, I promise you that.

The funny will come. So will the groaning, and the disbelief, and the wringing of hands. And if there's one thing I know about Pete Mitchell, it's that he's gonna blow my poetry-and-high-art cover sky-high, and the dork I am will be revealed, looking vaguely nonplussed and avoiding direct eye contact.

It's not The Orphan's Tales. It's not Home on the Strange. But hey, there comes a time in every ballerina's life when she wants to play basketball.

Game on.


The Ferrett

Stranger Than You Know

If you're looking for funny, well, I dunno you're gonna find it. But if you're looking for a tale about the ruins of civilization, well... Here it is.

This R serious comic.


Avery Liell-Kok

It Begins!

I am so happy that this is finally released. I hate keeping secrets, I really do; they worm away at me, begging to be shared and infect others. I cannot believe I kept this one under wraps as long as I did. I hope it's finally worth it, at long last!

A few notes on the art! This is the second time I have EVER experimented with using a combination of brush inking along with pens, and I think the effect turned out quite nicely, if a little chaotically (which, really, suits this just fine). I have to give a shout out to Jeff Matsuda, character designer extraordinaire, for the inspiration for Fred-- or at least his head shape.


© 2008 Catherynne M. Valente and Ferrett Steinmetz